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我英文吾係好好 dse都會合格水平 但係上到大學要用英文讀 尤其是我簡左外國語文學 睇課程簡介重要有一part係英文匯報技巧 簡直係中我死穴 我想係入學前好好利用呢幾個月去補下我啲英文 有咩方法可以加強我既英文說話能力?

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    Don't you Kaki dare do learn Japaness, German, French, Spanish,or Korean ?I don't dare you Kaki speak to DSE examiners on Kind of usa food packaged food car-truck recommended by Financial Secretary HK ? Or comment on Beethoven's Music-stand ? Of course Nobody dared ask you Kaki about your intention on your future Career with your foreign language degree obtained.

    For the combine summary of several pieces of writing; you work as a summary first;

    Summary is to give the chief points only of a summary account.

    Without paying attention to small matters;

    You give a brief account giving the chief points by reading first;

    You may read three times ;

    Underline the verbs are helpful.

    Write a draft first to be neater, then make corrections.

    On speaking:-

    It's how to communicate,converse,express yourself

    Try to hold a conversation with somebody;

    You can exchange information with somebody;

    Then try to deliver a speech;

    Always try to say something;

    For vocabulary, always try to memorize many common vocabulary available for use,so that you can use them handily, cleverly, usefully, conveniently.

    Learn by commiting to memory a longer list of those synonyms.

    To speak about:-When you speak about the newspaper topics, try find and read out loudly;

    Then you can comment on it;

    Discuss it by referring to it.

    To speak to:-When speaking to your pals,friends, comrades,you can address to all of them;hoping that they'll correct you SIMULTANEOUSLY. at the same time.

    Listen to lectures, and try to imitate.

    To speak your mind:-be honest when speaking your mind; If you don't know, say don't know; I am sorry, feeling regret.

    Say what you think and speak out;

    State your opinions;

    Voice your thoughts and viewpoints;(may be BBC's viewpoints.)

    Listen to the English Radio's programme.

    Of course this needs pre-learning;pre-experimenting that you know what happens and try gain new knowledge to carry out a good talking !

    Write the shorthand notes to remind you on your side;

    "Practice Makes Perfect" is the proverb.

    Best of wishes.

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