What is 五官描寫?Plz Fast!!!?

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    Features being on the head according to your poster declared:-:- to describe people as in-depth or general :- in a person's features:-size(big eyes, high nose, tall, short, fat, thin, positive or negative attitude); the size, the manner, fine, lively mind to be his hallmark trait who looked like his great-grand father in Shanghai, China in 1900s.

    his countenance, expression, face, lineaments his look, physiognomy, physique, physical features.

    Characters being on the head again as well as all examples according to your posting taken :-:-to express character, personality and expression.

    eg:-He has a forceful character.attitude is.attributive,.., constitution as...., disposition as a distinguishing scholar, .....as an individual is a poor figure,.......his make-up recently is.....his manner,....mersey..... nature as...., naughty boy as...,reputation is not very good as an individual person,such a character has no personality....., not serious enough,, temper is very bad, his temperament well known, A rascal type of case,....A PARTICULAR, PECULIAR, IDIOSYNCRATIC NUT-CASE....oddity---weirdo are his role of portrayal,........he is recognizable , singular, specific, symptomatic, unique. This young man has unique characteristics as he is only 22.and cnnnot be compared with that of Ho-ting.

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