Explain how the structure of villi allows efficient absorption of the soluble products of protein digestion. Please help!!!?

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  • 5 年前

    Digestive system including the mouth, esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small

    Intestine and anus and other organs, each organ should work together to Victoria

    Support the normal operation of the digestive system. Intestinal shapes like water

    Tube which circuitous coiled in the abdomen, about seven meters, food

    Here continues to be digested and absorbed into small molecules, can be said to function

    The most powerful of the digestive organs.

     Visual observation of the small intestine wall section will feel very light

    Slippery, but under a microscope, the interior of the small intestine show many recesses

    Holes and protrusions. In fact, if the inner wall of the small intestine smooth without any

    Projections, the absorption area of ​​only 0.6 square meters, due to the number

    One million projection, increased absorption area of ​​8.4 square meters. Small intestine

    Hair-like projections refers to the inner wall of the small intestine mucosa, as well as small

    One of the most important structural intestines, their job is to digest

    Complete absorption of food, and then by the hair and internal microvascular milk

    Mi tube to the various parts of the body go.

     Strange is observed under an electron microscope, each

    Epidermal cells on the villi in the small intestine lumen toward free

    Surface, it will highlight the formation of roots about thousands of microvilli, its height,

    They are quite consistent thickness, a distance like a brush in general. Microvilli

    Although small, only a height of about 30nm, but their presence is large

    Big increases the contact surface area of ​​the small intestine and food, and through

    The role of the cytoskeleton in the microvilli microvilli also in the small intestine

    Gently rocking within the lumen, increasing the microvilli and food contact machine

    Will, therefore food nutrients in the small intestine can be fully

    Absorb, to supply our study, sports, the energy source of the work.