hi i want to how to content movie to justice?

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    How to be a movie critic justisely ?

    Answer:-A critic is a person who forms and gives judgement about the movie.You must find fault, points out mistakes.Don't be a most severe critic.Be just.

    (1) critise the director'work---show that he has a just opinion of the movie;realizes the value of its intentions to be good for the audience,and can teach them something

    (2)Actors and actress:--the quality of acting right and fair,not only be handsome and beautiful,in order to be just to them;Give your just opinion of them if over-acting to the degree of annoying,and poor performance. Realise their natural potential in acting only.They should behave in an acting way that is worthy of their capabilities, abilities Try critise them if they could do much better if they tried harder.Show which part they have shown badly.eg:-Leonado Carpio waits very hard for 27 years before awarding his Oscar in Hollywood Movie.

    (3)The story:-describe the event, situation background, casting suitable for a movie or not.Give an account whether tragic or comedy and comment on which part is best or worst.Point out any untrue statements .

    Give catorgory grade 1,2 or 3.

    Actually justice depends on your own just conduct, your quality of being right and fair,and should treat all movies with justice in just to ,in order to be just to the readers, audience etc.

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