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我需要一些有關'Films' 的英文生字,因為我快要考英文writing, Write an email(120-150) The theme will be on Films?

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  • 5 年前

    -----Write an email where the theme will be on Films--one film I've seen------.

    Motion picture films are found in the HK Cinemas.

    The film star should be a well-known cinema actor

    To make a motion picture of "Mars-Martian" from a book !?

    The novel is suitable for reading, not suitable for filming.

    Reading is good but badly suited for reproduction in a motion picture.

    He acts not very well=very bad.

    The story is about a space craft making an exploration ,a way to Mars.When pass or flow in the atmosphere ,the hero seems to be dead after the impact accident?.The news of the death makes the crew in space craft rocket fly back to Earth,leaving the actor on Mars.The news of his still alive make the crew fly back Billions of Billions light years back to rescue Him,just to bring Him back alive;so says the usa citizens and Newsrell-advertisements !..Living like the modern Robinson Crusol,he plants as a Biologist ,green plants,eats on diet.He said that He would rather die on Mars than on Impact when later on some Interviews on Earth ? !

    I don't like this film because (1)how can he survive so long when space traffic go straight pass and thought he is dead ?

    (2)How dare His face and body not shown when he is very thin,actually he is not very thin himself !

    (3)Why other News-rells usa and the World News are having much better exciting News on space recently than His story ?Hence I don't like this new idea filming into audience's minds.

    Thanks for the time and attention.THX for the film test email who wishes to act for the film myself instead.

  • 5 年前