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Please write one letter?

Write a letter to introdure a book about the stiving story of an athlete

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  • 4 年前

    -----------------------------------------------(Your address and date)

    My dearest GF,

    ---I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the first hand-bk on athlete sportwoman--her strive try hard story of Lee lok-see--an athletic sportswoman. I have for some years now been collecting the classics and this book of "Striving for Success" makes another to go into my study-room bookcase.

    ---How thrilled I was at the Olympiad when I saw she won the Medal at the Bike-chase; hoping that she would eventually win in the sporty world.

    ---Last night I glanced through the autobiography and fit to myself at the joys in anticipipation before me--striving story of an athletic energetic woman at one setting; and at one reading !

    ----It really is a most encouraging active, energetic story which I shall always treasure.

    ----She writes in from her poor condition,muscular weak,under the training of coach Shum gold-corn, to a strapping strong sturdy Olympic winner;Later she vigorously well-built to win the five more times in succession !?

    ----Please accept my sincere introduction of this striving "story book" for the beautiful and sporty athlete but also for the good wishes which I kindly sent with it a bk exchange token of this book --being a token of our affection and expression of love.

    -------------------With much love,

    ----------------------Your affectionate boy friend,

    -------------------------kin ming

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