What is Business Programming? Where can I study courses about this?

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  • 5 年前

    BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration provided by

    Department of Information of City University of Hong Kong (http://www.cb.cityu.edu.hk/is)

    Under the BBA(IS) programme, there are courses about Business Programming with Spreadsheet.

    Business programming with Spreadsheet is among the necessary skills for professionals in all business sectors, e.g. in accounting and financial services. Mastering knowledge and skills of data management using spreadsheet gives students competitive advantages in job application and career advancement.

    Upon completion of this course, students should be able to use spreadsheet to solve business problems and design their own spreadsheet applications to support business operations and decision making (e.g. critical skills for business analysts in banks).

    This course aims to:

    • Introduce the concepts, methods and techniques of simple data management using spreadsheet (basic functions such as formula, chart, conditional formatting, pivot table, etc) for accounting and financial services, and other business sectors.

    • Equip students with the advanced spreadsheet techniques, such as web query, macro and programming abilities to support smart business decision making.

    資料來源: References: <a href="http://www.cb.cityu.edu.hk/is"> BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Systems</a>