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I need to have a presentation on the book " The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" but I don't have any ideas on it can anyone just kindly help me?

1 個解答

  • 6 年前

    To present the book =your work reveal&show,or to present to guests og honors,you must make an introduction, a body and a conclusion.Ask your teacher/students on an acceptable ,decent,proper&passable reading.Recite at least 3x or you can't tolerate a the story striped pajamas means strip off somebody of something;take off clothes from him;the boy.The bandits stripped him naked of his clothes=pajamas or something like that to the audience.

    They stripped off his clothes.Then they stripped the house of all its furnishings.He jumped into the house lake.Luckily the police arrived.

    In conclusion,the strip-show must be moved to a theatrical entertainment in which a boy takes off his pajamas one by one.Hence the presentation on the book must be written like this;whether a long narrow piece of material or Not.(If you don't have any ideas on it;Can anyone just kindly help you ?)

    In conclusion,Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for your time and attention !