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ipad air 1 - 格式問題

1) 點樣經 itune 由desktop pc 機將我的最愛網站轉到 ipad air 1 ?

2) 有乜app 可在 ipad air 1 播放 rmvb 或 window media player 格式 movie?

3) 點樣經 itune 輸入rmvb 或 window media player 格式 movie 在 ipad air 1


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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    1. Depending on the sync setting, you can opt-in to sync your bookmark into your iPhone.

    2. It is easier to do that in reverse - convert your media to a format that is playable by iPhone. For example, ReadPlayer offers converter to convert rmvb to mp4.

    3. See #2.