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    Warning:-Homework must be done by students to help them learn,prepare for Exam !!!!!!

    alike adv---the same or similiar, like one another 相同,相似

    .eg:-The two brothers are very much alike.

    eg:-Mother treats all her children alike.

    eg:-It is a training course for both employed&unemployed alike (=by Federation Union Alliance Society).

    like:-----USAGE:-Like means to be fond of or enjoy:-I like milk-tea=I am fond of it---.I like watching TVB television.----I would like is more common and more polite than I want. eg:-I'd like a cup of tea.---I'd like to watch television tonight.

    "How do you like...?"---How do you like this PINK TVB advert. dress?

    "How would you like....?"----How would you like--like to be treated like that ?

    "How would you like a punch on the nose?"

    like, prep, in the same way as類似/相似.

    eg:-Do it like this.

    eg:-He cried like a waterman when they told him the sad DSE news.

    eg:-He was like a son to me.

    eg:-She is very like her mother.

    like n.,someone which is like another., esp. in having equally high value:-

    eg:-Will we ever see the like of Empress Mo Check-tin again? I've never seen its like again. I like the like of it.

    eg:-Sporting,running, swimming and the like are found in every school courses.

    like adj., with the same quality:-

    eg:-We have like attitude / are of like mind in this matter.

    Of the same type=suchlike:-eg:-Running,swimming, sporting and like sports

    like conj., in the same way as:-

    eg:-Do you make bread like you make cakes ?

    eg:-Like I said, I can't get there on time.(=I have said this before.)

    eg:-He acts like he is the Boss.

    like adv., unusual, unclear expression:-

    eg:-He went up to her all innocent , like , as if he'd done nothing to apologise.

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    Alike = 一模一樣

    Like = 類似/相似

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    1. 類似的

    2. 好像


    1. 相同的; 相似的

    2. 同樣地

    姐係 類似 同 相同 既分別

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