Corcierge大堂日常用語 (不要網上翻譯)



1. 請問屋企有冇人叫MR bean?

2. 我想叫的士去旺角?

3. 這可能要十分鐘先到.

4 請問你地單位係?

5. 我想確認一下你的身份是Mr smith,是嗎?

6. 請問可安排doormen到我單位,幫我拎行李及有D衫想洗,可拜託doormen衫交比你夜在logistic room

7 你係唔係有個朋友叫mr bean,佢到左

8. 一陣有個朋友叫mr bean,你放佢上黎單位,不用intercom

9. 請問可否借用你的intercom?

10. 因我唔記得帶小背包,想打上去叫maid拎落黎


12 請問,我的住戶證資料錯左,可幫我處理一下?

13. 呢個住戶證今天完成後反大堂拎返.

14. 剛才只是測試panic alarm,唔洗擔心.

15. 你好,mr smith,今天是星期日,你地去邊度玩?

16. 小朋友唔可以係大堂大聲叫.

17. 請問呢個工程大約幾耐到?

18. 今天係工程時個陣,你可以出街,買野,玩下到咁下,我地會大堂會打比你.

19. 我們最新活動及推廣包括?

20. 請問會所電話幾號?

21. 我想預約網球場,早上,8點30分,3號場及你地網球打一個鐘幾錢,球拍幾錢?

22. 我地大堂有工程,可能要係另一個防火通道出去,到時會係7月22日至7月24日開放.

23. 我還有些一題問題?

24. 我地會加強清潔,跟進事項.


Q.25 Mr smith你今日身體同埋面色都唔係太好喔,需唔需要要比杯水


Q.26. Mr smith你今日的心情唔係太靚喎?

Q.27 Mr smith你今日睇落去心情重重?

Q.28 maid講單位內有裝修師傅倒哂D油漆係地,可唔可以幫我叫Homesmart黎整一整地板?

2 個解答

  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    1. Is there a Mr. Bean there?

    2. I want to call a Taxi to Mongkok.

    3. I think I need an extra 10 minutes to get there.

    4 What is your unit number?

    5. May I confirm(validate) you’re Mr. Smith?

    6. Please ask the doorman to collect some luggage and some clothes to be washed. Please tell him to deliver the clothes toyour Logistics room. [內容唔合理]

    7 Do you have a friend named Mr. Bean who has just arrived.

    8. I have a friend named Mr. Bean coming, please let him go up to my unit. No need to call at the intercom.

    9. May I use your intercom?

    10. I forgot to take me backpack, I want to call up to my maid to ask her bring itdown.

    11.We will be holding an event. 不是問句

    12 My residence information is mistaken, would you help me correct it?

    13. The residence card will be ready by today and can be collected at the mainlobby.

    14. That was just a test of the panic alarm, don’t worry.

    15. Hello, Mr. Smith. It is Sunday today,where will you be going out to?

    16. “Please” Don’t shout in the lobby.語病:小朋友唔可大叫…咁成人大叫叫小朋友唔好大叫就OK…

    17. How long will this works take?

    18. During our works today, you can go out, shopping or go about a little; we will call you when we are aboutto finish.

    19. Our latest event and promotion include: 不是問句

    20. What is the phone number of theClub House?

    21. I want to book the tennis court: 8:30am Court No. 3; how much is it for onehour? How much is the rackets rental?

    22. During our works at the lobby, we will reroute through another fire escapepassage, it will be open from 22 July to 24 Jul.

    23. I still have some questions?

    24. We will improve the cleaning and those items required follow-up.

  • 6 年前

    1. Do you have anyone at home called Mr Bean?

    2. I want to call a taxi to MongKok.

    3. This might take 10 minutes to arrive.

    4. May I have your unit number please?

    5. May I confirm you are Mr Smith, correct?

    6. Can you arrange doormen to my unit, to help me take some luggage and there are some clothes that need washing. May I ask the doormen to pass the clothes to you at the logistic room?

    7. Do you have a friend called Mr Bean? He has arrived.

    8. My friend called Mr Bean is arriving soon. Can you let him come up to my unit. No need to use the intercom.

    9. May I use your intercom please?

    10. I forgot to take my backpack, so I want to call the maid to bring it down.

    11. We will have an event soon?

    12. The information on my residence card is incorrect, can you change it for me please?

    13. When this residence card is ready today, it can be collected at the main lobby.

    14. That was just a test of the panic alarm, no need to worry.

    15. Hello, Mr Smith, today is Sunday, where will you be off to?

    16. Kids/Children, no screaming/shouting in the main lobby.

    17. May I ask roughly how long would this project take?

    18. Today, during the (construction/renovation/repair) works, you can go out, shop and enjoy the day. Our concierge will call you when it is almost done.

    19. Our latest events and promotions include…..

    20. May I have the Club House’s phone number please?

    21. I want to book the tennis court for 8:30am, court 3. How much for one hour of tennis? How much is the racket?

    22. There is (construction/renovation/repair) works at our lobby. You might need to use another fire escape to go out. It would be open from July the 22nd to July the 24th.

    23. I still have some questions.

    24. We will step up our cleaning and follow up.

    2015-07-24 23:19:25 補充:

    25. Mr Smith, you don’t look well today. Would you like a glass of water and for us to contact your family to take you to the doctors?

    2015-07-25 14:14:44 補充:

    26. Mr Smith, you don’t look happy today.

    27. Mr Smith, you look worry today.

    28. The maid said the workers/renovators in the unit/apartment have spilled paint all over the floor, can you call Homesmart to fix the floor for me please?

    資料來源: Over 20 years living in Australia.