case law 可以點樣搵合適case apply

LAW 功課要搵CASE,不過一定要有CASE 名先搵到.有冇方法可以打key word 搵?

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    5 年前

    It depends on the database you use.

    The keys to find a suitable case are:

    1. Always conduct a narrow search (such as only a specific jurisdiction, court, etc.)

    2. Identify the best keyword, For example, if you need a case to interpret a section of the ordinance, try using the section code and the ordinance name.

    3. Familiar with a court's style. To reduce time in research, many jurisdictions have standardized their own styles. So even authored by different judicial officers, the interested party will be still read the case similar to those previously issued.

    4. Always search based on hierarchy from top to bottom, and time from latest to oldest.