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English grammer urgent

how can they be used as a subject or an object ?

To infinitive ( to +verb ) example : to leave /not to be

Noun clauses example : what I need


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    They (subject) are going on a picnic now.

    The house was built by them(object).

    ^To leave( to+verb) To infinitive eg:-

    I hate to leave home.

    The plane leaves HK airport at 12:00.

    My secretary has threatened to leave the office !

    Bad students leave school at 15 .

    To leave your wife dead after the murder.

    She's leaving him for good.

    not to be=not to leave--:-eg:-

    to not do something or deal with something now:-

    Leave the dishes (not to be cleaned now).

    Why do you always leave everything until ordered to leave ?

    Leave the door closed(=not open),please.

    Don't leave her waiting when hurt !

    She was to leave me with the impression that she was unhappy.

    Is there anything left ?(= past tense of leave.)

    What was left to me was what I need.

    To leave from a place without taking her with you.

    I've left my money on the bus.

    Don't leave any of your belongings behind.

    We had to leave the baby behind !

    She left nothing to her son !

    So I was left to cope on my own in life.

    Someone left this banknote not for you ; not to be meant for you , but.....

    Noun clause eg:-what I need.A noun cl.can be used as subject:-

    eg:-What I need is an umbrella.

    eg:-What I need surprised them.

    As object:-

    eg:-He gave me what I need.

    eg:-He told her to buy what I need.

    As object of preposition:-

    eg:-It depends on what I need.

    eg:-Don't ask on what I need.

    eg:-Parents could not understand on what I need.

    eg:-I agree about what I need.

    eg:-Look at what I need.

  • Dustin
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    6 年前

    What can be used as Subject or Object or Complement in a sentence?

    - noun, pronoun, noun phrase

    - infinitive phrase

    - gerund phrase

    - noun clause

    2015-07-17 23:02:17 補充:

    e.g. What I need is not to be a victim of your greed for power.

    What I need - noun clause - subject

    not to be a victim of your greed for power - infinitive phrase - subject complement

    2015-07-17 23:05:09 補充:

    e.g. To leave you makes me think of what I need.

    To leave you - infinitive phrase - subject

    what I need - noun clause - object of preposition "of"

  • 6 年前

    They killed the boy. (They = subject)

    The teacher punished them. (Them as a form of "they" = object)