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Angela 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 5 年前

English Writing

I'm working on my English summer writing assignment. A plot is given and it requires me to continue the story. I'm not good at this type of questions so I have never gained high marks for this kind of writing.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? How to continue the story? What are the requirements of this types of questions?

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  • 5 年前

    English summer writing assignment to continue the story:-

    The essay is a test of student's ability to express her own opinions,experiences, impressions, feelings and interests.Write within your own experience.

    On your subject matter,you must write on ideas, arrangement,vocabulary and descriptive techniques.

    The essay must be well arranged with introduction,middle body,and rounding off conclusion.

    eg:-Describe a place you have admired=Sai Kung alongside.

    first para:-Locate them geographically--in summer.The overview look.

    secondary para:-We visited Po Lo Che--->Yan Ma Po--->Kap Pin Long----> Sha Kok Mei----> Muk Min Shan and return to town.

    Large area of highly cultivated lands--hedges---many large fields---fascination on fields big and flat.We can gather Chinese Herbal Medicine for sale,Ha Ha .

    third para:-Waterways,I see water stream,floating across my feet in rural countryside.The trench drainage system in Typhoon HK.

    fourth para:-Town and villages---Can see Tui Min Hoi=across the sea.----feeling being a student from China as one approaches HK business centre,back to landscape sensation.

    fifth para:-people care about the appearance of their villages

    sixth para:-strong sense of past and tradition---determined to preserve the BEST of the past

    conclusion:-Final impression---general thought summarises whole effect Sai Kung had upon you----->summarise briefly what you have described.

    How to continue the story:-Given 1-2-3-and to plot 4-5-6-7=conclusion:-

    You must plot a chart,plan,project have to design,invent a scheme on writing pad paper note book first.

    You must Adding Adjectives tell more about Sai Kung:-eg:-wonderful,rich,mysterious,little,young,wise,beautiful,grand, tiny, blue, steep, high, green,seven,smart,summer holiday,Lunner Port Shelter-Sai Kung-- surprising,fantastic, long&happy vacation to plot,plan, project the high marks story.

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