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English print fiction急!!

book title :(要初中程度的書)

1) I enjoyed reading this book because ...(25 words)

2) Aspects of the text you think should be improved (25 words )

3) Your favourite character (20 words)

4) Setting of the story

5) Favourite scene (20 words)

6)Lesson you have learned from the book (25 words)

7) Recommending the book to other readers or not? why? (15 words)



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    English print fiction for junior all in Present Tense,because you don't know how to write a book report in Eng.grammar,entitled "Rip Van Winkle"

    (1)I enjoy reading this book because the opening is attractive, mention from New Amsterdam to New York;then how Rip meets 10 Dutchmen to the ending are full of exciting situations in story; as in returning to King's Head Inn in New Govt.reign and the Inn episodes by the hero of the story.

    (2)Aspect of text be improved (25 words):-

    When Captain Netherland Hudson goes usa every 20 yrs again should know well and meet the life-long friend Rip by inviting him to their dinner party from village to Mt.Top&return.

    (3)Famous character(20 words):-

    Rip Van Winkle is the hero of the story.He keeps hunting for a wide circle of friends.Many are lifelong friends in helping them at Inn and wine shops.He is a good father and also like help children miscellaneous things in childhood families.

    (4)Setting of Story:-

    In 1609 Captain Netherland Hendrike Hudson goes to usa in Hudson River ruled by Dutch. Rip ,hunting in the Mt.,sees 10 Dutchmen and help them in their work. Later Rip drinks too much sparkling liquor and felt asleep for 20 yrs.Later he had a reunion with his lifelong friends and relatives down the village.

    (5)Favourite scene(20 words):-

    Near the ending of story,when Rip awakes and goes to King's Head Inn, but all villagers are surprised to see him in the new government reign

    "Where do you come from, stranger""Lifelong friends?"

    (6)Lesson I learnt(25 words):-

    Thunder crashed in Sky Mt reminds Rip figuratively different from Chinese Proverb Meaning had kept 7 days Mt. by passing 1000 yrs on Earth down Hudson River They are both approved adventure story in time-honoured way.

    (7)Recommending to other readers,why?(15 words):-

    After reading.recommend is with more positive advice to tell other readers about possible 20 years away benefits !As you don't know Eng. Grammar2015,don't just say "The answer is Yes !"

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    (2)Aspect improved:-His cruel wife, whose husband RIP is often away at the stated Mountain, has returned to her as a good mother&wife!

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