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English meaning

What is the difference of prosperous and blossoming?? Please give me an example for the sentence,Thx~~

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    PROSPEROUS (adjective) 成功的; 繁榮的﹐興旺的﹐發達的

    = successful in material terms; flourishing financially:

    = bringing wealth and success:

    1, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

    2. We visited the prosperous counties of northern California last year.

    3. Home ownership was once a privilege of the prosperous middle classes.


    prosperous + economy, future, region, nation, suburb, merchant,

    BLOSSOMING (adjective) 興旺的, 發展的 (前途有望的) ,. 開花的

    = flourishing, thriving, developing into a healthy and promising way

    4. Many East Europeans value the blossoming relationship between Israel and Eastern Europe

    5. “China market drives New Zealand's blossoming cherry growth”

    ~ from

    6. “Coffee chains battle over newly blossoming markets”

    ~ from

    7. Blossoming orange trees emit a heavenly aroma.

    Blossoming (present participle, noun)

    If someone or something blossoms, they develop good, attractive, or successful qualities.

    When a tree blossoms, it produces the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit.

    8. Your daughter is blossoming out into a beautiful girl. (~ used to form present continuous tense)

    9. Spring is the best season in Tokyo, with cherry tress blossoming beautifully after the winter rest. (~ used in a participial phrase)

    10. London is the city that represents the blossoming of British art, pop and fashion. (~ used as a noun)

    The difference between prosperous and blossoming:-

    "prosperous" much involves material success, especially financial success.

    "blossoming" is more to do with growth and developing.

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    cherry trees, not cherry "tress" (typo error)

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    "prosperous" is an adjective. It cannot function as a present participle.

    That is the functional difference.


    blossoming + market, relationship, love, romance

    blossoming tree

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    Sam :

    Their meanings are not the same.

    prosperous = rich ~ used when people's money is related to success in business.

    prosperous merchant, prosperous town/city/country, prosperous future

    We want to create a prosperous future for all our citizens.

    The town became prosperous because of the trade.

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    "blossoming" (adj.) is not listed separately in any dict.

    As a present participle, it can be used as an adjective.

    blossoming tree, blossoming talent

    blossoming romance/relationship

    "blossoming" in these phrases can't be replaced with "prosperous".

    ~ different meaning.

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    Choice of diction is important in English writing.

    一個有數十年經商經驗而很成功的商人, 可用 prosperous merchant

    不是 blossoming merchant


    prosperous = rich, 不多不少有 well-established 感

    Cindy came from a prosperous family.

    blossoming 還有許多的發展空間

    The 30-year-old manager is a blossoming talent.

    資料來源: Oxford English Dictionary; Collins Dictionary
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    The meaning of prosperous and blossoming is same or similar?Their meaning is adjectives?

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    I mean the phrase!

    2015-06-30 17:38:03 補充:

    OK,I know,thank you

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    Difference of prosperous and blossoming:-

    eg:-I have a" prosperous" ,adj, business in my life.

    eg:-The cherry-trees are" blossoming" in this month is in simile to he is "blossoming" out as a first-rate athlete.