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AS開始的句子....唔該! (要有中文解釋)

我想知AS開始的句子點解呀, 可以作幾句給我嗎? 唔該。

下面呢句點解呀? 呢度既AS係點解呀?

As I'm your internet subscriber and would like to inquire about whether there will be any plan which is either the same or better than mine so that will let me keep on using your internet service.

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    ----The translation:from E/C:-




    ----貴台Internet 服務.

    as---adv, prep

    相同,像:-She is not as old as me.

    She is as beautiful as a lady.

    She is clever,but her sister is just as clever.

    in the condition of, as being:-

    作為,如同,:-I like her as a girl, but I don't think much of her as a rich-husband seeker !

    She works as a factory girl.

    This is regarded as her best job.

    She was dressed as a woman.

    Speaking as an Internet user, I am in favour of better terms.

    =(作為一個 Internet 用户, 我贊成較好的條件.)

    Several jewelry business went bankrupt as a result of the Chinese economic policy.

    She works in the same office as my sister.

    She doesn't work as fast as she used to.

    As though儘管,雖然

    as against舆...柤比較

    as for至於,就...而論,而言

    as if 彷彿,就好像

    as it were可以說是

    As I said in my last email, I am finishing.

  • 5 年前

    呢度的 As 係「由於、鑑於」的意思。


    As I am your teacher, I have a responsibility to teach you.


    As he is too lazy, he always fail his exams.