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As I'm your internet subscriber and would like to inquire about whether there will be any plan which is either the same or better than mine so that will let me keep on using your internet service.

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    as...as意為"和……一樣",表示同級的比較。使用時要注意第一個as為副詞,第二個as為連詞。其基本結構為:as+ adj./ adv. +as。例如:(1)This film is as interesting as that one.這部電影和那部電影一樣有趣。(2)Your pen writes as smoothly as mine.你的鋼筆書寫起來和我的一樣流暢。其否定式為not as/so +adj./ adv. +as。例如:This dictionary is not as/so useful as you think.這本字典不如你想像的那樣有用。若有修飾成分,如twice, three times, half, a quarter等,則須置於第一個as之前。例如:Your bag is twice as expensive as mine.你的袋子比我的貴一倍。幾個關於as...as的常見句型:(1) possible Please answer my question as soon as possible.請儘快回答我的問題。(2) usual/beforeShe looks as pretty as before.她看起來和以前一樣漂亮。(3)as long as... (引導條件狀語從句) It took us as long as three years to carry out the plan.我們花了長達三年的時間才完成這項計畫。(4)as far as He walked as far as the railway station yesterday evening.昨天傍晚,他一直散步到火車站。(5)as well as She cooks as well as her mother does.她燒菜燒得跟她母親一樣好。一些帶有as...as結構的常見短語歸納:as busy as a bee像蜜蜂一樣忙碌as easy as ABC像ABC一樣容易as deep as a well像井一樣深as light as a feather像羽毛一樣輕as soft as butter像黃油一樣軟as rich as a Jew像猶太人一樣富裕2. as用作連詞引導時間狀語從句as與when,while都是引導時間狀語從句的從屬連詞,含義都是"當……的時候"。但它們有區別:用when時,從句的動作可以與主句的動作同時發生,也可以先於主句的動作發生;用while時,從句的動作為一過程,主句動作與從句動作同時進行或在從句動作過程中發生;用as時,主句和從句的動作同時發生,具有延續的含義。例如:(1)It was snowing when he arrived at the construction site.他到達工地時,天正在下雪。(2)He was watching TV while his mother was cooking.他母親做飯時他在看電視。(3) You will grow wiser as you grow older.你會隨著年齡的增長而越來越聰明。

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    As also means because. But if you use as, the sentence should be spiltted by As.

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    AS 即是中文的「當」。。。。。。