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  • wan
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    5 年前

    I believe that girl can do anything what guy can do and should be much better. And also I want to be a smart & strong girl and will to find and go for my dream.

    I really think your company with much potential so I willing to join your company.

    ** 我覺得貴公司是一個尚在發展中的公司<-- 呢句我唔會講, 比人聽到, 即係串人地係細公司

    ** 未來有很多可能性,可以開發更多的。。。<--感覺太張揚, 令人不快.

    ** 感覺呢段係你見工既預備文? 如果係,注意前文後理同語氣, 你想表現自己無問題, 但唔好將自己放係太高太張揚既位置, 對你無好處. 最好先讚對方既能力 / 地位, 然後表示自己有能力勝位, 暗示自己都有一定能力會比較好.

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  • 5 年前


    I think boys do something girls can do it, girls than boys lose, I want to be a strong girl, have the courage to pursue his dream!


    I think your company is one is still in the development of the company, in the future there are many possibilities, can develop more...


  • 5 年前

    I think what the boys can do girls can do.And girls will not go too slow behind the boys.

    I want to become a strong girl ! I shall achieve my dreams and aspiration.

    I think that your company is a company that is still in developing stage.

    I believe that it will become better, stronger, well-established part of the possibility on going strong and continue to be successful.

    Thank you.

  • 5 年前

    Personally, I think that the girls can work as outstanding as the boys and the girls

    will not lag behind than the boys. I want to become a tough girl and I will achieve

    my dream and goals.

    I reckon that your company are still developed. But I believe that your company

    will be well-established that there will be a lots of branches in the future.Thank you!

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  • 5 年前

    I believe that anything males can do females can do it too. Females are no weaker than males, and I would like to be a strong female, and to follow my dreams!

    I personally think that our company is still a developing company, and there are many possibilities in the future, and we can open up more...

    Hopefully this can help you :)

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