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Memo writing - Business Email

You are the business Manager of Ac wine. Please write a business email to the

supplier, the cheers limited, to request the quotation for a batch of wine product.


------------------------------------ << it is ?? i not know

XXX << it is ?? i not know

yyy <

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You can clear a little bit? Thanks

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  • 6 年前

    Buz email in Memo ,to the supplier for further buz from Cheers Ltd to Ac wine Ltd.

    The supplier------------------------------------The Buz manager;

    The cheers Ltd.--------------------------------Ac wine Ltd.


    Dear Sir,-----------------------------------------gerrg

    Recently there is a batch wine Ac alcoholic usa advertising very successfully per barrel there.

    Considering the circumstances, you are justified to supply me cheerfully with furthering this Buz deal.

    We were interested for wined and dined at Firms' expense counting many clients'who are demanding (this batch wine) from me to satisfy all of them now.

    So I request the quotation to me to further our buz at Ac wine.

    Allowing for 30% discount, the buz may stand.

    Failing that, there is no chance left to co-op in the future !

    With best regards





    2015-06-12 15:05:57 補充:

    Amendment:-yyy=date/managing director.xxxx=Business manager.

    2015-06-13 09:03:49 補充:

    Amendment:-To:-(xxxx)The Supplier of the cheers Ltd.

    From:-(gerrg) Business Manager of Ac wine Ltd.

    Subject:-Re:Request the quotation for a batch of wine product.