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cheuk 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 6 年前

這英文句子 為何這樣寫?

I request that further investigation be conducted

可解釋 這句子 如何這麼寫嗎??

2 個解答

  • 6 年前

    I request that further investigation be conducted.

    The sentence expresses a demand making the verb form of suborinate clause ( "conduct" in passive voice) to be in subjunctive mood (虛擬語氣).

    "is conducted" (indicative mood, present tense)

    "should be conducted" (indicative mood, modal)

    "be conducted" (subjunctive mood, present)

    Grammar Note:

    The subjunctive mood is the verb form used to express a wish, a suggestion, a command, or a condition that is contrary to fact.

    Verbs attracting the Subjunctive Mood:

    The following verbs typically followed by clauses that take the subjunctive:

    ask, demand, determine, insist, move, order, pray, prefer, recommend, regret, request, require, suggest, and wish.

  • 6 年前

    回答者: Julie 已經解釋很清楚句子是用 subjunctive

    It is a joy to read her writing.

    謝謝來郵, 只作補充

    request (v) 是 formal verb, ~ to ask someone to do something in a polite or formal way.

    (相反的, 用 demand)

    Subjunctive is often used in very formal language (regulations, legal documents)

    2015-06-11 20:13:47 補充:

    She requested that no one be told of her decision until the next meeting.

    ( BrE also ) She requested that no one should be told of her decision. ~ 牛津字典

    We require that all receipts be submitted to the committee for approval.

    I know not whether laws be right,

    Or whether be wrong ~ Oscar Wilde