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香港公務員首長級有D8-D1, 中華人民共和國現行公務員「領導職務」類有1-10級, 「非領導職務」類有5-12級.

香港及內地公務員兩者之級別如何比較? 即香港的D8至D1 分別等於內地公務員的第幾級??



更新 2:

thanks gary.

I did tried to equivalent in that way before based on the website you provided. However, there is an assumption involved, which is our CE is "D9" (one rank higher than D8) , and therefore D8 is equivalent to level 4 in china.

更新 3:


refer website above, seems used to hv D9, D10. so not sure if the assumption CE=D9=lv3 --> D8=lv 4 is valid.

更新 4:

So, if assume CE = "D11" D8 = level 6 in china, similar questioning can be applied , i.e. cant CE be "D12" ? why CE must be 1 rank higher than D10?

Yet, i agree that should be the approach we can use to equivalent the rank if no further information is available.

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  • Gary
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    1. Based on the hierarchy of the position.

    2. All ranks within the Directorate Pay Scale (D1-D8) in Hong Kong will be equivalent to Leadership Level 4 (Sub-Provincial (Ministerial)) with different pay grades (9-10).

    It is based on chief executives of Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong/Macau) are under Leadership Level 3 (Provincial-Ministerial):


    Therefore, the subordinates of CEs will be 1 level down accordingly.

    Some interesting points:

    1. Although SAR CEs are equivalent to Leadership Level 3, the Central Government typically treats CE as Leadership Level 2 (Sub-national leader). For example, the first CE, Tung Chee-hua, was appointed as Vice Chair of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference after resigning as CE.

    2. All Central Government officials stationed in Hong Kong/Macau enjoys a higher rank and treatment than their colleagues. For example, Ambassador Song Zhe, MFA Commissioner in Hong Kong, is treated as Vice Foreign Minister (he was the former ambassador to the EU).

    2015-06-11 21:18:22 補充:

    The flaws of your assumption are:

    1. CE is not a civil servant. So the Directorate Pay Scale does not apply to CE.

    2. Many top tier positions/organization structures in HKSAR Government are duplicate and/or redunant (based on duties). This is uncommon worldwide.

    2015-06-11 21:28:43 補充:

    For example, in general, department heads are supposed to be ex officio secretaries with a Bureau. It is not the case in Hong Kong.

    If you do a position-by-position comparison with the Central Government structure, you will be able to find out the hierarchy will shrink.

    2015-06-11 21:29:42 補充:

    Also, you will able to understand why virtually all ranks within the Directorate Pay Scale (D1-D8) in Hong Kong will be equivalent to Leadership Level 4.

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