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lenovo 跟機WIN7 被認作counterfit

lenovo 跟機WIN7 被認作counterfit

不知為什麼, 突然 lenovo 跟機WIN7 的鎖匙失效,

WIN7 的System Recovery 亦同告失效.



1. 因為這是公用的手提電腦, 不知道登記人是誰?

2.System Recovery cannot turn on

"Could not apply the settings for the following reason:

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

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  • G.
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    6 年前


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  • 6 年前

    這Win7系統是否跟原機? 給人換了Hard disk?

  • Gary
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    6 年前

    They are separate issues:

    1. Counterfeit

    Try the following:

    Also, you will need to contact Microsoft. They can assist you with the activation issue.

    2. System Recovery

    Not enough information to determine.

    2015-06-05 18:38:00 補充:

    1. It does not matter.

    OEM version Windows associates with the computer, not the owner.

    2. Has someone removed the restore partition?