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更新 2:

請問辦公室裝修$127,000.00 傢俬$45,065合共$172,065但是現在公司搬遷,傢俬照樣搬到新公司用,折舊應該怎樣做.

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  • Gary
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    6 年前

    Unable to answer due to lack of information.

    1. What method of depreciation is used?

    2. What is the cost of the new decoration?

    3. What was the value (after depreciation) before moving out?

    4. What was the original value of the old decoration and furniture?

    It is not an issue that the old decoration and furniture wered combined for depreciation. The issue is without a snapshot of the situation, it will not be able to answer anything.

    2015-06-11 16:55:56 補充:

    1. There is no need to start a new question.

    2. You are still not giving enough information. So I have to assume some details:

    a. The depreciation lasts 10 years

    b. The method is straight-line

    c. Depreciation has done for 5 years (half-life)

    2015-06-11 17:01:17 補充:

    - The remaining $63,500 for the decoration will be forfeited completely. The new decoration cost will be replaced instead.

    - The remaining $22532.50 for the furniture will be continued for depreciation in the rate of $4,506.50 for the remaining 5 years until it is totally written off.