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Help the people

How can we help these people

Example(people):the poor

the elderly

the sick(blind/deaf)

the orphan

the homeless

the disables

Tell me, please

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    1. The best way to empower poor people is Education. All of us are born natural learners and learning ability is the single most important asset to anyone including those living in poverty. With guidance from mentors, confidence and diligence, poor people can climb up the social ladder with impressive academic results. Universities are open to anyone holding internationally recognised qualifications and are more than happy to fund high flyers in their tuition or subsidise other hard-working learners. Attainment of a degree from university is a vital step to joining the workforce with a promising career and steady income.

    2. Old people need a lot of love and care. They are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. In order to help them, volunteers can pay a visit to care home, especially in festive seasons like Chinese New Year. A conversation is very warm to them. So long as they feel connected, they become happier and healthier. The team of volunteers can also solicit donation of unwanted items from different households. This can not only avoid material waste and lessen the burden on our landfill, but the collected material such as clothes and furniture can be of use to the elderly.

    3. The visually impaired often develops exceptional hearing ability. They could be more sensitive to sounds and music than anyone else. Their musical talents could be explored and they could be encouraged to expose themselves to a wide range of music and to consider a career in the music industry. They could try to play the piano or other musical instruments. They could also try to learn composing their own melody, accompaniment or both. As for the acoustically impaired, they may have developed impressive skills in drawing and writing.

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    Since I'm new to this, the system doesn't allow me to write long text...

    Anyhow, my email is mkpa.619@gmail.com.

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    How can we help these people

    (1) the poor : to assist them with government subsidies.

    (2) the elderly: to reside them in the senior nursing homes.

    (3) the sick(blind/deaf): to train them to work by doing simple job in the factories.

    (4) the orphan: to foster them in the orphanages.

    (5) the homeless: to reside them in the temporary shelters

    (6) the disables: to train them to work by doing simple job in the factories.

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    donate money

    request government to build facilities ( disable toilets) to help with their daily life

    find host family for the children


    build more public housings to provide shelter for people


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