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word forms 高手請進

Change each given word into the correct form that can best complete the news report below.

New migrants (migrate) can benefit from $6000-dollar government cash handout will be able to claim the same amount from the Community Care Fund. To be eligible for the (1) (pay), (2) (apply) have to be 18 years old by the end of March next year. They are required to pass a means test to (3) (proof) their eligibility. The (4) (month) income for examle, must not (5) (excessive) 7300 dollars. This is not targeted at just those coming from the mainland. It's anybody coming here to Hong Kong with the purpose to (6) (resident) in Hong Kong and they have less than seven years of residence. Miss Sung, who came to Hong Kong from the mainland six years ago, welcomed the (7) (arrange). But she objected to the idea of a means test, saying all newcomers should be allowed to enjoy the benefit. The purpose of the Community Care Fund is (8) (real) to help htose who are in need.

Application forms will be available at the offices of the Social Welfare Department, the Labour Department and Public Enquiry Services Centres of the District Offices. The completed forms must be sent in by post. New (9) (arrive) from low-income families are required to (10) (submission) their applications from 3rd October to 30th June of next year.

請問有什麼方法可以做好 word form 此類題目?

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  • 6 年前

    1. payment

    2. applicants

    3. prove

    4. monthly

    5. exceed

    6. reside

    7. arrangement

    8. really

    9. arrivals

    10. submit

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