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Leung 發問於 科學及數學生物學 · 6 年前


An obese woman is considering the following methods to lose weight

1. Taking a medicine that induces diarrhoea (a condition in which water faeces is egested).

2. Inserting a silicone ballon into her stomatch through the mouth and filling it up with water.

a. suggest how the medicine in Method 1 can lead to a rapid removal of the faeces in the woman's intestine

b. Expain how Method 2 can help the womain lose weight

c. Suggest a method which would help the womain lose weight in a healthy way.



But the faceses is watery. Why does it happen like this ?

更新 2:

How about part c ? What do you mean effective communication (C) ??


1 個解答

  • 6 年前

    a. The medicine stimulates the contraction of the muscles in the intestinal wall / stimulates peristalsis / stimulates the movement of faeces along the intestine (1)

    b, As the space inside the stomach is reduced, / As it is easier for the woman to have a sense of fullness, (1) less food would be eaten. (1) If the energy input is less than the energy used, (1) food / fat reserve will be mobilized to produce energy.

    [effective communication (C) : (1)]