Success empowers your success?


Success (name of the financial institution) empowers your success.

Empower 在此句中用法是否錯了﹖

Success powers your success. 是否更正確﹖

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  • 6 年前

    I beg to differ.

    1. Success (name of the financial institution) empowers your success. ~ 錯

    轉去 passive voice

    Your success is empowered by Success. ~ 非常怪

    Empower 是 transitive verb

    當用 active voice, 一定要有 object, subject + transitive verb + object

    empower 的 object 一定是 someone or organization,不會是 abstract noun, 例如 success.

    The law empowered the police to make arrests on the grounds of reasonable suspicion.

    當用 passive voice, subject 是 someone or organization (可以 no object)

    His lawyer was empowered to act on his behalf.

    Auditors from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) are empowered to audit the accounts of limited companies.

    Power 可以做 verb, Oxford English Dictionary, 做 verb 只給兩個解釋

    1. ~ to supply a machine, device or vehicle with the energy that makes it work,

    It is a portable generator that can power several pieces of equipment.

    2. ~ to move or travel with great speed or force

    At the start of the race, she dived into the pool and quickly powered her way into the lead.

    Success powers your success.

    Power (verb) 在以上句子用法不同, 只不過是 metaphorical use

    有人講 Success breeds success

    Success is built on success 或者 Success is not built on success.


    我對電視廣告口號有保留或者有成見, 他們喜歡自創

    他們自以為是 artists, 有 poetic licence. They can ignore grammar rules and common usage.

    廣告口號許多時是 misleading, 賣花讚花香

    2015-04-21 20:20:23 補充:

    "Does personal technology really empower the individual?" ~ Economist

    "Empower the People Around You" ~ New York Times.

    "Empowering Your Employees to Empower Themselves" ~ Harvard Busuness Review

    "Local group empowers Pakistani women through photography" ~ 南華早報

    2015-04-21 20:26:08 補充:

    CUHK 香港中大有 Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program

    empower + abstract noun

    如果網友覺得無錯, 便用吧

    Taste is too individual to be standardized.

    I'm behind time. Ha! Ha!

    2015-04-22 01:30:55 補充:

    "empower verb [+ obj] (often be empowered)

    1. to give sb the ability and confidence to control the situation they are in:

    The Internet empowers consumers to shop efficiently.

    Employees should be empowered to solve problems on their own.


    2015-04-22 01:35:37 補充:


    "2 (formal)

    to give sb the power or authority to do sth:

    Congress has empowered a committee to investigate the claims.

    SYN authorize"

    - from Oxdord Business English Dictionary

    2015-04-24 07:05:11 補充:


    “Your powerful success may overpowering your privileged success.” - 嚴重錯

    may overpower, may have overpowered.

    不是 may overpowering !

    Empowering your employees to empower themselves. ~ 是文章 title

    “Empowering” 在這裡不會做 adjective

    adjective 放在 your employees 前面?

    遺憾最基本 grammar 都攪不清楚, 變成 越講越錯

    2015-04-27 08:49:01 補充:

    "power" used as a verb (figuratively):

    “Many Italians believe their economy to be powered by manufacturing and industry.”

    "Korea's well-educated, hard-working population has powered its economic miracle."

    資料來源: Oxford English Dictionary, Economist
  • 匿名
    6 年前

    SUCCESS powers success才是正確。garlic is right!

    Power can mean : to inspire, incite or stimulate

    Example of use:

  • 6 年前

    'Empower' simply means 'giving power to someone or some entities', literally or metaphorically. It is no doubt a transitive verb and the object should be people individually or collectively.

  • 6 年前

    SUCCESS aims to empower YOU to be successful. (better, I think)

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  • 6 年前

    Success (name of the financial institution) empowers your success.


    2015-04-21 17:45:41 補充:

    Success (name of the financial institution) empowers your success.

    is right㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣㊣

    資料來源: Dictionary, dictionary
  • 匿名
    6 年前

    真奇怪!怎麼解說是錯呢?= ="

    " Success (name of the financial institution) empowers your success."


    " Success powers your success."


    2015-04-23 14:02:38 補充:

    " Empower " is a verb transitive or verb (used with object).



    (third-person singular simple present empowers, present participle empowering, simple past and past participle empowered).


  • 6 年前

    "empower 的 object 一定是 someone or organization,不會是 abstract noun"


    2015-04-21 16:56:35 補充:

    幸好有 Godfrey 在這裏。


  • 6 年前

    If empower can't be used as a verb, then adj. may be used as in powerful, privileged;

    Then:-Your powerful success may overpowering your privileged success.

    2015-04-21 08:44:40 補充:

    Proposed Amendment:-Banks were empowered (passive) to give you the power to success.

    2015-04-22 02:33:07 補充:

    modified amendment:-Empowering (present participle used only adjectivally) your employees to empower themselves, we authorize a prejudiced ,biased, unfavourable attitude.