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F.5 Maths Locus

1. In the figure, ABCD is a square. The diagonal AC and BD intersect at E.

Sketch and describe the locus of a moving point P such that it maintains an

equal distance from AE and DE.

my drawing:

I want to ask does P lies on the blue line? Is the locus just only lie in the area of

triangle AED such that the locus of P should be the green line?

2. picture:

In the figure, A and B are two fixed points on a plane. A point P moves on the

plane such that angle APB is equal to 60°. Sketch the locus of P.

How can the angle APB fixed in 60°? Am I need to use sin,cos,tan to calculate?

Please help, thank you!~

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    1. We always talking about the distance between point P and a line segment XY is the shortest distance between them. So, the blue line and the green line that you drawn are the locus of P. (The question doesn't mention that the locus of P should lie inside the square)

    2. Draw a circle passes through the points A, B and P. So the locus of P is the major arc APB. (Angles in same segment, so angle APB can always keep an angle of 60)

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  • 2. Construct a circle and use " ∠ in the same segment "

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