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Human beings are not born with special abilities but there is a belief that we are the most intelligent creatures in the world. We create different devices to make work easier by reducing the amount of force involved. For example, _________are used to slide heavy objects up.

Q1)Fill in the blank with the two words below:



Q2)Can objects "slide up"?

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    (Q2)Objects can slide up and slide over a slippery surface by a ramp (or slope) which is a gadget,an instrument, for reducing the amount of force involved as a machine does in Physics.Other answers are possible,please.

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    Amendment:-We apply "a pulling force" to the object......Objects can-----

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    The answer should be 2) Ramps


    We can use ramp to slide a heavy object up over a slippery surface when we apply a pulling force to the object.

    Credit should be given to 意見者:Duncan

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    slide (intransitive verb) = move along a smooth surface

    An object slides down over a slippery surface. (~ i.e. under gravity)

    slide (transitive verb) = cause (a person or thing) to move across or down a surface while maintaining contact with it

    An object is slid up the slippery surface of a ramp by a pulling force.

    In physics, work done = force X distance

    We use less force, but the object is moved over a longer distance.

    A heavy load may be raised by pulling it along a sloping surface than by lifting it vertically.

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    To TOMING88

    Watch your language! ~ I mean the way you word it.

    You always come up with half-baked ideas.

    How can an object slide up over a slippery surface by a ramp (on its own)?


    You should mention the pulling force applied to the object.

    資料來源: Oxford English Dictionary