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grammer 問題 15點 15.

1.retail同sell 有咩分別?retail點用?

e.g the wine retails at $100可吾可以寫成the wine sells $100.

he engaged in the retail.有冇錯?


he retains all the thing like it don't have changed.

she retains the merit of her mom.

Is it correct?

3.i restrict myself to study at least two hours everyday.

my boss appoints me to be manager in this restaurant.

hong kong is a village in the past,but nowaday it evolves to international ceter.

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  • 6 年前

    Retail (verb) 零售 = to be sold to the public, usually in shops, for a particular price.

    Sell (verb) 賣 = to give someone goods, property or services in return for money.

    Selling price 銷售價 = the price at which something can be bought, or at which it has been sold (Selling price比較浮動)

    Retail price零售價 = the price of something in a shop

    Retail是商業的用詞, 是商店用, 小販很少用, Retail 多數指某個產品

    sell 是普遍的的用詞, 比較常用. Sell有許多用法

    Apple iPhone 5S retails at US $549

    High-priced desktop computers sell for US $1,000 and up in that shop.

    The wine sells for $100 (a bottle) ~ 漏了 for (preposition)

    He is engaged in the retail business.

    Engage (transitive verb) = to employ someone or to pay someone to do something for you.

    You should engage a lawyer in the drafting of a contract. (active voice)

    Retain (v) = 保持, (但有留住含意), retain = keep 其他意思 ~ 聘請, 記得

    Maintain (v) = 保持, (可能有維修含意), 其他意思 ~ 主張, 供養

    He retains all the things so that there is nothing to be changed. (不明白你這句)

    She inherits the merit (good character, good look) from her mom.

    3. I restrict myself to study not more than two hours every day.

    3. I encourage myself to study at least two hours every day.

    restrict 與 at least不協調

    every day 兩個字分開寫, everyday 是adjective

    My boss appoints me as a manager in this restaurant.

    Hong Kong was a village in the past, but nowadays it is an international centre.

    Hong Kong was a village in the past, but it has evolved into an international centre since then.

    Nowadays (adverb) ~ 有 –s尾

    a village - an international centre ( 要 indefinite article "an")

    資料來源: Longman English Dictionary