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匿名 發問於 社會科學社會學 · 5 年前

破產賣樓令頒佈後, 賣樓程序, 手續及時間


本人的問題 :

1) 破產賣樓令頒佈後, 受託人賣樓有什麼程序, 手續及賣樓時間有沒

有限制 ?

2) 受託人提出空置管有權下 :『交付物業空置管有權或相關的任何 事情並沒有任何申索』中, 『相關的任何事情並沒有任何申索』是指什麼 ?

3) 樓宇空置管有權下, 受託人要求交出樓契, 樓契是否要即時交出? 可否待簽署臨時買賣合約時才交出?

4) 我怎樣才知道受託人已經在地產放盤賣樓?

5) 空置管有權下, 水, 電及煤氣要終止停用, 如保留供電給客人睇樓用, 是否違反空置管有權 ?

6) 沒有破產的業主是否可以交門匙給地產睇樓及與地產聯絡 ?

7) 沒有破產的業主是否有權決定賣樓價錢? 可否有權參與賣樓過程 ? 為何只能要地產與受託人聯絡 ?


3 個解答

  • Gary
    Lv 7
    5 年前

    1. The only restriction is the Receiver must act in the best interest of the creditors to maximize recovery.

    The debtor subject to bankruptcy is not the Receiver's concern.

    2. The property in question does not subject to any claims or lawsuit.

    3. In theory, yes. In practice, the Receiver can give some reasonable time to prepare.

    No - If there is a court order authorizing the transfer/sale, the Receiver does not need your consent to sell the property.

    4. It is not your concern - again, the Receiver is to protect the creditors, not the debtor.

    5. Yes. At the least - who pays?

    6. It depends on the portion owned. If the Receiver owns a majority, then the answer is no.

    Otherwise, that owner should proactively discuss with the Receiver to avoid inconvenience.

    7. See above.

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