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sentence pattern 15.

我想用多D sentence pattern係作文到

可吾可以提供 1d深d 的句型,同解釋下點用 最好有例子 thxxx~~~~~.~~~~


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    句子結構有 simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence.與 compound-complex sentence.

    Compound sentence 有 coordinating conjunction (and, or, but, because...)

    Complex sentence 有 subordinating conjunction (if, when, while, until, though…)

    You can look it up from grammar textbook or Internet

    我們母語不是英文, 基本 sentence 文法要攪清楚, 才好學 sentence patterns

    Sentence patterns 有很多, 五花八門

    S + transitive verb + O + (adverb/adverbial phrase, that/wh- clause, past participle, to +V, verb-ing)

    S + intransitive verb + (adverb/adverbial phrase, that/wh- clause, past participle, to +V, verb-ing)

    S + linking verb + noun or adjective

    subject 與 object 前面可加 adjective


    The whole class was listening attentively. (article + adj. + S + V + adv.)

    All of us suffered the consequence of bad decision made by others.

    a very strong man 變 a man of enormous strength

    有時有些 abstract noun 沒有 adjective, 例如 integrity (n) = 正直

    便要寫成 a man of integrity

    a man of his word = a man you can trust

    特別要了解 verbal phrase的 meaning,

    例如: give away, give in, give off, give out, give up… etc.

    兩個字(不同 form) 出現在一個句子

    You sacrifice for your friend who is worthy of your sacrifice.

    How can you defend the indefensible?


    Subject-verb inversion:

    Here lies the body of Princess Diana.

    Long live the Queen!

    Subject-auxiliary inversion

    Never have I seen such a disturbing sight.

    Only with a great deal of effort was he able to escape.

    Not only was he late, but he also did not bring a birthday present.

    No sooner had we set out than the skies opened.

    They have no intention of paying and neither have we.

    Only on Sundays can members park there.

    太多 topics, 無時間準備, 寫得非常散亂, 請諒

    資料來源: Longman Advanced Learners' Grammar
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    invert vt--turn upside down; reverse position, relations of Inversion:-

    Altering the natural order of words:-

    Above me in Central their banners wave.

    (The natural order is :Their banners wave above me in Central.)

    A thief is he=A thief he is.

    Sentence pattern on some Classification of phrases by function:-


    as subject:-To stay for 8 years is an unsual habit here.

    as object:-She likes to stay here for 8 years !?

    --------------She is fond of staying here for 8 years.

    as complement:-Her unsual habit is to stay for 8 years without asking or speaking !

    as noun in apposition:-It is no use burning out your house violently !


    before a noun:-Shocked by the news, the mother stood motionless for 8 days.

    ---------------------With her work burial completed, the mother went home sadly after 8 years.

    after a noun:-Watch out carefully for a sentence with no patterns ?!

    ------------------The sentence being brain-washed in her brain belongs to her now after 8 years.


    time:-after 8 years in the column,she has a fear to learn.

    place:-She stayed in the newsroom for 8 years already !

    manner:-She wrote in a poor script still after 8 years in YK+ !!!

    reason:-Because of the heavy pen, she was committed sucide.

    purpose:-In order to publish, she has worked for 8 years in YK+.

    concession:-In spite of her bad health, she set off to hospital in a taxi now.

    result:-She was too poor to begin to write anything for the Press.

    condition:-If not for her operation, she would have died after 8 years.


    to form a tense of a verb:-She would have been working for 8 years in Journalism by next March.

    as a phrasal verb(verb+particle):-If you don't think carefully, you'll end up in sacking and firing by the Boss !

    (5)Conjunction:-She must thank her friends as well as her enemies for their talking this 8 years.

    She brought a knife , for fear that ther might be a fight.