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A 15-year-old western Michigan boy was ordered held Monday as authorities investigate the stabbing of his 13-year-old sister in their Caledonia Township home.

上面個held 係過去式 定 過去分詞?

點解唔係 不定詞 或 動名詞


was ordered held

個held點解唔係用 不定詞 或 動名詞

更新 2:

ordered (to be) held

點解 to be 可以省略?

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  • 6 年前

    The completed sentence is:-

    ordered (to be) held...

    to be held=

    to be (abide by law),

    to be (proceed by law),

    hold, held, held(=past participle.)

    The participial has been consisting of a participle and other words used only adjectivally:-

    The past participle of hold:-

    eg:-His murder ordered and to be held by court.

    eg:-Ordered by court,he was held with handcuffs.

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    It is a neglect,a leave out, an omit.