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English book report fiction急!!

english book report

1 the name of the story,writer

2.what kind of this story about ?

(love story, detective,adventure,ghost story,horror story)

3.who are the main characters in the story? what do they do?

4.in about 80-120 words, tell what the story is about?

5.which character(s) do you like most ? why ?

(Among all the character in the story, i like _____________ most becase _________)

6.which part(s) of the story do you like most ? why ?

(the part of the story i lke most is _____________)

help help help !!!!!!!!!


hi@toming88 can u give one more to me ? if can't it is ok

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    Eng.book report:-

    (1)Name of the story,writer:-

    Alice's Adventure in Wonderland---By Lewis Carroll---1832--1902.Published by Oxford U Press.

    (2)A Magical Adventure Fairy tale.,Fiction.

    (3)The main characters in the story:-

    Alice:--the heroine,adventureous girl ,12 years old.

    The King:-a sense of humour to Alice.

    The Queen who cut off all citizens' heads.

    The white rabbit----reads out a poet ; the incident undertaking Time-venturer in the story..

    The knave---the scoundrel who risks and gambles to steal the Tarts(sweet-jam)

    (4)The story80--120:-All in present tense:-

    Alice is sitting by the River when suddenly a white rabbit(the valiantime old man) runs past her.She follows it into a large tree-hole.

    Her adventure begins.

    In Wonderland she meets a caterpillar who gives her an eventful tall/short growth Mushroom.

    When a Queen wants Alice to play a game of croquet(cricket) balls, and joins to judge the Knave who steals the Sweet Jam Tarts,she is attacked violently by all the pack of cards.

    At last she wakes up from the dangerous adventurous dream.(80 words)

    (5)Among all the characters in the story, I like Alice most because she is the Heroine.She is willing to play in the Queen's Croquet game eventfully.

    She is willng to join the excitment of Knave's risky lawsuit-case judgement and common sense..

    In her dangerous adventure,she meets dangerous ,exciting, hazardous 24 animals to be her friends !!!

    (6)The part of the story I like most is the first 7 chapters.Why? Because she behaves like Gulliver's Travels both to Lilliput and Giant Countries.She behaves like a single Magical girl-12-who grows very tall and very short 8 times in consecutive days around the Wonderland succeedingly.by eating magic brown fungus mushroom.heroic.

    Warning:The Oxford Progressive Eng.Reader is a difficult problem to read.The book is very advanced,complex,complicated,involved and heavy.!!!You can't read a story yourself !!!