RAM: DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1666?

I have a system running Xeon E5507 cpu. I want to add more memory to it but intel website said this cpu support DDR3-800 RAM which seems not available anymore. Can I use other RAM such as DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1666 memory?


This is an IBM x3620 M3 server. My aim is just to add more memory without damaging the system (overclocking is not my first priority), which kind of RAM is suggested? Currenlty not able to open the server to check the model of mother board and ram :(

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  • 6 年前

    This is a LGA1366 CPU, the use of ram depends on which kind of motherboard you are running right now -

    1. Server board, no matter one-way or 2-way (two piece of E5507 running on the board, it could run with either ECC or ECC+Reg DDR-3 ram max support upto DDR3-1333.

    2. Normal desktop X58 motherboard, could only use normal DDR3-1333 (unbuffered) or ECC ram.

    No matter which of the above you are using, it can support 1333Mhz, just make sure which type of ram you are using right now, the model number marked on ram would show which type of ram you are using cause you can't mix it up, for example -

    PC3-6400U (end with U = DESKTOP RAM)

    PC3-6400E (end with E = ECC RAM)

    PC3-6400R (end with R = ECC+REG)

    PC3-8500 = DDR3-1066

    PC3-10600 = DDR3-1333

    PC3-12800 = DDR3-1600

    the worst could be only run on 800Mhz restricted by the CPU ram controller.

    I experienced X5560 use on X58 cound only run maximum on 1333Mhz even I plug on DDR3-1600 & DDR3-1866 ram but it's workable, and in the offical website of Intel it also show maximum support DDR3-1333.

    If you need more details, please submit system or motherboard informations...