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sumyi 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 5 年前







My name is Jeannie. I am now studying in S.T.F.A Wu Mien Tuen Primary School. In my leisure time, I will either reading books or watch the news on the internet. My hobbies are going to the library for reading books and performance the drama, so I am the members of the School Musical.

更新 2:

At School, I have joined School Choir since P.1. Also, I have joined Campus broadcast team and English drama team.

更新 3:

I attended on behalf of the school children in Hong Kong Putonghua recitation and story-telling contest and Hong Kong School Drama Festival, won the Silver Award, Outstanding Partnership Award and the Award for Outstanding stage effects were.

更新 4:

In the future, I hope I can be a good doctor to save lives. I hope to enter your school, prepare for my future.


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    I have participated in the "school radio drama team"(不明白校園直播隊指甚麼), choir and drama ensembles at school. Also, I was very honoured to be chosen to take part in competitions representing my school. We won the silver awards in both outstanding teamwork and outstanding stage effects category.


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    I admire doctors a lot, as many of them are sacrificial. I wish to apply for this school because I have observed that the teachers here are very patient and they are willing to find out the strength of students with different personalities, thus encouraging them to ...

    2015-02-28 21:51:41 補充:

    make good use of their abilities. I hope I could get advice from teachers, so that I am able to improve my weaknesses in this new environment.

    資料來源: 自己(如有錯漏實在抱歉ww), myself
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    My name is Huang Xiner, is now studying in Shunde Association Wu Mian end primary school. I am an outgoing and optimistic active type of person. In school, I participated in a campus broadcast team, choir, musicals and English drama activities, also on behalf of the school children in Hong Kong Putonghua recitation and story telling competition and Hongkong School Drama Festival Competition, won a silver award for outstanding cooperation respectively, and stage effect award. Students with different types of cooperation in these activities I character without training, face the challenges of their own self-confidence. In addition, I also like to play volleyball, to exercise joint muscle and heart and lung function. Spare time I also like to read novels, can learn from different writing skills, can also increase the understanding of different cultures. I most respect in society of the occupation is a doctor, especially the good doctor emergency distress. I hope in your school is because of your teacher to teach rigorous, pay attention to explore the advantage of students and encourage various types and personality of students play director, I really hope to get the teacher's be good at giving systematic guidance, to improve their own shortcomings, also can be in this atmosphere

    of slender short, prepare for admission to the university.

    To wliile ^^

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