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F.3 Maths Problems

1) In the following figure, the see-saw is just balanced when the brother is sitting on the left side and his two sisters on the right side. When the younger sister leaves the see-saw, the other sister rises to a height h above the ground. Find

(a) the inclination that the see-saw makes with the ground (θ),

(b) the value of h.


2)The figure shows a part of a contour map of scale 1:8000. PQ and QR are paths that measure 1.6cm and 3.2 cm on the map respectively, and the points P, Q and R lie on the same straight line on the map.

(a) Find the inclinations of PQ and QR. Hence show that PQ and QR have the same gradients.

(b) FInd the gradient of PR, correct to 2 decimal places.

(c) Find the actual length of PR.


Need steps,plz!

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