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maths book report

我想要一個英文的maths book report


Summary(what is the book about?What are the main point and the important point?)


Do you like or dislike the book? Why?


Which is the best part of the book?Why?


Would you recommend the book to your friends? Why?


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  • 6 年前


    Book title: Large number scientist

    Author:Hu Zuoxuan

    Publishing house: Nine chapter of publishing houses


    This book introduced the very many all previous dynasties mathematician, like Gauss, Newton, Leib Nepal this and so on.In here, I can introduce Newton.

    Newton is an English, not only he is a mathematician, is the astronomer, the physicist.He to mathematics contribution a great deal, can not but raise is he the calculus theory which studies together with young talent Leib Nepal this, this theory established the good foundation for the mathematics circles, in at that time may be a big breakthrough, but hereafter the mathematician then applied this achievement to make the thorough discussion.

    Besides the synopsis all previous dynasties mathematician, this book also can for some important bury like 1+1=2 and so on to make a proof surely and so on, is obtained benefits many the reader.


    After has read this book, I have learned many mathematician's story, certainly also knew very many related mathematics the knowledge, makes to increase me to mathematics interest.Most makes me profoundly is a simple theorem, preschool's child also can understand a theorem “1+1=2”, this strip looked resembles the extremely simple theorem, behind is unexpectedly containing the extremely complex strict proof, causes me to broaden the outlook!!

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