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米蓋朗基羅的雕塑的三大特色(use english)!!!

1. Three features of Michelangelo's sculpture




2.Imagine that 'David"is place in Mong Kok.What will happen?

What should do to deal with problem?





What should do to deal with problem??!!!

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  • Jenkin
    Lv 7
    5 年前


    Realistic - live size(or bigger than real) with body muscle and facial features.

    Dynamic - creates character from the posture and body movement.

    Emotion - radiates the story or imagination basis of the sculpture to resonance with the audience.

    Although the famous Pietà and Statue of David are well know, there are other sculptures by him are also impressive, even his last sculputre the Rondanini Pieta which is unfinished represent abstracted quality in the 20th century.

    2. First, the white marble sculpture will turn dark grey in a week due to vehicular exhaust emssion(air pollution). Second, it will be covered with advertisements/posters. Third, his genital and buttock will wear out after a year as pedestrian/tourist/worshiper will caress/scrub/message the feature to get good luck for business success, financial fortune, sexual strength, good health, or just simply curiosity.

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