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ENG pls help

There is growing concern about the effects of pollution on health .

Why it's not required to put the word 'a' in front of 'growing concern'??

this sentence is copied from the pearson dictionary

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  • SC147
    Lv 6
    5 年前

    eg. It's my concern(關注) about sth.

    1. "concern" is used as a noun in the above sentence.

    2. However, it is an uncountable noun.

    We are not going to count "concern"!

    Have you ever heard of "one concern, two concerns"?

    For the same reason, there would never be "a concern".

    3. "growing concern" - "growing" is just an adjective used to describe concern.

    So, you can just read the sentence as:

    "There is concern about - - - "

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