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English writing

Can you help me some english writing? The writing's title is" Harmonious family".

Paragraph 1(50 words):

Definition of a harmonious family-

What do you think about ”a harmonious family”?

What does it mean to you?

Do you think you have a harmonious family?

Point out the three MOST important elements of a harmonious family. Then choose one element that you have personal experience and you write a detailed life story to show the element.

Paragraph 2-3(100 words):

(The event should related to your photo)

It is about the real life example/ your own experience.

What was the special event? What happened? Who were involved in the event?

Did you / others have any difficulties/ conflicts?

What did your family do? What did they say? Was the problem solved?

Paragraph 4 (50 words):

How did you feel at the time?

Were there any changes of your thinking after the event?

Do you have any new ideas/ insight?

Related vocabulary of “harmonious family”:

Spending time together √

Effective communication


Fun and laughter√


Helpfulness and cooperation√


Cheerful cheerfulness√

Obedience obedient obey

Honesty honest√


Committed commitment








Kind and caring√

Grateful and Gracious

Be a good friend√



pls use ticked words to write, thx!

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  • 6 年前

    a Harmonious family is very easy becasue we should not fight with our brother and sister or shout at our parents.Harmonious family is mean the family chongman] love.Yes ,I have a Harmonious family becasue I always talk to my parents about school's intersting thing and I always respect my parents.I be nice to my sister because this sister is my only one sister so I always make breakfast every morning.Every day my home chongman love.

    One day, my exam is fail so I cry a lot so my mother did not shout at me and said you are not studied well. Every day I prastiise my exam so my exam was 95 mother said you need prastise well.Exam is coming so I study a lot so my exam was 100 marks.I undrestand DOING evey thing must hard.t. I felt very delighted at this time so love is very important for me.

  • joyce
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    6 年前

    A harmonious family is essential to our personal development and our

    physical and mental health. First and foremost, a harmonious family is full of warmth,

    love and laughter. And family will communicate with an open heart. Then parents

    and children should show concern for each other, and they also respect and

    understand each other. Finally, the harmonious family must have a warm atmosphere

    with each other.

    So, if children can stay in a harmonious family, they can be

    cheerful and optimistic. Otherwise, he may be miserable and pessimistic. And parents

    try hard to build this warm atmosphere; they must to be healthier and happier.

    However, the family should be how to do it. On the one hand, parents

    should be a role model for their children and they also should always talk to

    their children. On the other hand, parents should respect their children and

    care of them.

    Last but not least, I think children must always talk to their

    parents. It can make their parents know their thinking. And children can try to

    share things to their parents. If we do so, our home

    will always be harmonious.