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How can I do ?

How can I do ?

First , I am a girl .

A boy always hugs me , everyone see that in recess , but I hate him .

In p.4 , B boy sit in my side , we always talks in the class , I felt full of joy in it . Then I love B boy .

B boy and I were in the same class in p.5 , he uses whatsapp and talk about it .

One day , B boy ask me I love who , I tell it to C girl , she tell it to him , he say he love me ! I scream out ......

A boy don't know I love , but he always hugs me again and again.


I want A boy hate me , but I try it so many time ,how can I do ?


A boy don't know I love who , but he always hugs me again and again.

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  • Utouch
    Lv 7
    5 年前

    朋友也同, 同學也好, 應該坦誠相對。

    告訴A Boy你已經有心上人, 提醒他不要再擁抱你,



    大家做不成朋友, 也不用做敵人...



    希望你早日找到方向, 祝福你。

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  • 匿名
    5 年前

    May I just ask you something first? why would you even try to make A hate you? just becos he loves you? have you ever think if you are in his situation, and B boy hate you becos he knows you love him? what I try to tell you is, to be fair and not to do anything which is not necessary and may hurt some1 else.

    I would suggest you to stay a normal & peaceful relationship with these 2 boys, at the end of the day, you never know who's gonna be the one for you AND most important, why make 1 more enemy than a friend?

    Think wisely & good luck!

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  • 5 年前


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  • 5 年前

    I think he just you are his friend,not girlfriend. Boys always hugs people,although

    boys or girl. You want the boy hate you. The boy thinks you are his friend,so you

    can't hate him.Let's to be a Friend with him

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  • Leon
    Lv 5
    5 年前

    You may tell him u love the other ppl but not him,I Think he will stop doing that after he know you have BF


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