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可有has be, have be和had be這種用去?

has been和have been就見得多

可有has be, have be和had be這種用去?



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  • 6 年前

    罕有這麼使用, 但是有

    1. From 英國報紙 - Guardian

    "In response to plagiarism

    I think you'd have be an inhuman husk not to get any enjoyment out of his works."

    2. From 加拿大銀行 - TD Bank

    "What does RED mean, stock seems to have be converted back to cash?"|c...

    3. From 新西蘭 Yahoo

    "French terror accomplice, Hayat Boumeddiene, may have be in Syria"

    2015-01-17 10:19:13 補充:

    一些 fixed expressions, 用 “be”

    Be that it may, Far be it from me

    傳統 subjunctive 會用 “be “ (British)

    The doctors insisted that she not be allowed out.

    I move that the meeting be adjoined.

    Have + Be (am, is, are, was, were)

    What you have be a gift from God.

    It be a fine day. ~ in some British dialects

    2015-01-17 10:22:10 補充:

    是否 infinitive without “to”?

    好似 (To) be quiet!,

    Let x (to) be a number.

    have (to) be ?


    I'm afraid that is a pitiful sum of my knowledge about "be".

    2015-01-17 10:50:33 補充:

    would have (to) be

    seems to have (to) be converted back

    may have (to) be

    在上述的, 那個 verbal phrase 是長, omit 了"to"

    如果是 acceptable, 只是舊的 British English

    I'm not so sure about that. 我不會那麼用

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  • 6 年前


    謝謝你找來那三個例子,我跟"知足常樂"一個想法 -- 都應為不可能。

    花了一個小時也找不到用 be 的原則,你有那方面的資料嗎?其實我有點懷疑是不是他們用錯了或打錯字。有一個是用家留言、一個顧客問問題;至於那報導,看相關內文都是 may have (gone to/made it to)。

    想來想去我只想到唯一可能是 (A pronoun) would have be it xxx...,而且要有上文接應。

    但那就不算是 have be 因為那個 be 是跟後面的 it xxx...。

    I am puzzled...

    2015-01-18 09:16:29 補充:

    Thanks. Now it makes sense. Old English omitting "to".

    Sorry, I should make my question clearer to focus on "have to".

    But for those who are reading, you gave good examples and very concise. Be it my way, your answer should be chosen. Your give good answers all the time.

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  • 6 年前

    有has be, have be和had be,意思是已定,也可以,過會

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  • 6 年前

    沒有, have/has/had 之後的 be 必定要變身為 been,必定!

    2015-01-16 14:02:19 補充:




    have to be/ has to be/ had to be

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