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    Eng long book report "black cat Eng.Readers"Level Classic Detective Stories --Sherlock Holmes Investigates:-

    Title:-The Five Orange Pips,1880

    Author:-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; (1859-1930)

    For f.1 student:-The tale:-

    The tale begins with the arrival of a mysterious visitor to Holme's office.

    Part 1:-He (22 aged) said that uncle Elias and his father had died who did not want black people in America to vote.

    The KKK send death letter to him as a warning.

    Part 2:-Holmes told Mr.Openshaw to burn all the papers in the Iron Box because he was in great danger.

    Part 3:-

    Holmes read old sailing ships newspaper about The Am. Lone Star at Pondicherry 1883; then Dundee 1885, then London


    (1)SH sends the arrest warrant thru Interpol by faster mail boat and try arrest them in Savannah,America

    (2)Holmes is defeated,not by the 3 enemies, but by the weather because the Lone Star was caught in the storm in Atlantic Ocean and sank without survivors.It is an American detective story

    (3)SH was very angry that Police Constable Hook could not solve the case and believe that the young man just fell into the River Waterloo Bridge by accident.

    (4)It doesn't matter who you ask and he can tell you where Mr.Sherlock Holmes lives in London !

    Hope I can help you !!!