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english story book report



author pubisher


call no.

no.of pages

change the ending(100words)

why whould you like it to be changed in this way?

would you recommend this book to your classmates yes ?no,because........

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    1.Title: Harry Potter

    2.Author: JK Rowling

    3.Publisher: Bloomsbury

    4.ISBN: 0747595836

    5.Total no.of pages: 608


    The story is about Harry Potter, a young wizard who had once escaped death when he was a baby. Harry Potter studied in a wizard's school named, Hogswart. In Deathly Hollows, he finally graduated. Now, he has to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes in order to stop the evil wizard's attempt to destroy the world. In the end, he overcame many difficulties with the help of his two best friends, Hermione and Ron, and defeated Voldemort and saved the 'muggles' who was hated by Voldemort.

    Would you recommend this book to your classmates ?

    I like the protagonist, Harry, the most. I like him because he was brave and loyal to his friends. In order to save his beloved friends, he's willing to risk his own life to defeat Voldemort. I really admire his loyalty to his friends. Even during the darkest times, his loyalty never wavered. And he insisted on priotizing his friends above everthing, I liked this the most among all of Harry's good points.Therefore, I will recommend this book to my classmates.

    change the ending(100words)

    well, i would probably not have harry and ginny get together. it's not that i don't like them together, but it's just so much like James and Lily. So I'd probably have harry get together with a muggle or something, because i can't see him with anyone in the series.

    other then that i don't think i'd change anything worth mentioning



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