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中文翻譯英文 好短的 thanksssssssssss

翻譯英文 謝謝thanksssssssssss

yes ,the freezing bottles is open ,和已是設定於說明書的default value 1,5s & 5.0 cooling,顯示及使用是cooling的 光燈也顯示了綠色燈,但每使用不多的次數便停止 及轉回黃燈,每次也會是這樣,拍了影片: xxxx,我需運送去那個地址進行退貨 非常感謝








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    For your information, the freezing bottles (are/have been) (opened/installed/activated).


    2014-12-02 10:59:21 補充:

    As instrusted, I have been using the product with the default values 1,5s and 5.0 cooling.


    2014-12-02 10:59:48 補充:

    When used, the indicator turned green to show that the cooling function was on. However, it stopped functioning and the light turned yellow after (a few uses/a while).


    2014-12-02 11:01:53 補充:

    Attached is a clip (xxx) showing the problem. Please let me know where I can send it back for (refund/exchange).


    2014-12-02 14:12:32 補充:

    除了那些default setting數值,明白。


    Yes, the freezing bottles were connected to the device.

    I followed every instruction on the manual and put in the default values 1,5s (這個1,5s其實是不是1.5s) and 5.0 cooling.

    The device started working and the cooling indicator lit up in green when I switched it on. However, it stopped after a while and the indicator would turn yellow.

    The same things happened every time I tried and attached is a clip (XXX) showing the problem.

    Can I have a refund and the address to send back the device please? Thank you.

  • 6 年前

    Yes, when the freezing bottle is open, the default value of cooling set in the specification suggested 1.5s & 5.0 to show the approved green light.

    But back to yellow without green soon. It always happen even when not used for many times.

    I have taken a video as proof & want to send to the report address in return of another goods. Thanks.