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How to improve my result?


I am mak from secondary school in sheung shui.

Post Script : It is not a band 1 school.

now I am form four and study chemistry and biology .

In the first tem UT, my result was decrease.

In form three, I am the 7th in the form.but now I am 18th in my form

I feel disappoint.My English UT was fail and Chinses UT is 40

What should i do ?I want to improve my result (specially english)

How to improvr my english result?

Exam is coming , I am so nervous that my oral and listening are not good .

Also, I need to improve my biology and chemistry.

I have many disadvantage , who can help me ?

I have a dream , i want to study science in CUHK.

I need someone to help me .

Thanks for your reading ,Please help me

So thank you if you tell me what should i do now.



Thank you for your tips.

but i can't understand what you say in your post script.

it is because my english is not good .

Please forgive my mistake .

Can you give your email to me ?

i really want to improve my english in these two year

i want to get a good mark in Hong Kong DSE


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  • 6 年前

    How to improve your results?

    (1)listening:-Did you listen to what Eng.teachers said?Pay attention to listening skill.

    (2)Speaking:-Hold a conversation with Eng.teachers orally.

    Express yourself in CUHK.

    (3)Reading:-If you can't read a story bk.,glance and watch TVB Eng Dramas to understand Bio.+Chem for CUHK at same glancing time.

    (4)Writing:-take down notes by copying.from TVB.on pieces of paper=notepaper,writingpad, notepad. for revision during Exam. period.

    2014-12-05 17:36:34 補充:

    (3)Biology is the scientific study of living things.

    ---Chemistry is the science which studies the substances (=elements) which make up the Earth, universe, and living things; how these substances combine with each other; eg:-chemistry of UT 718.

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  • 6 年前

    You can try to watch more TV programmes which is English. You can also talk with other using English to improve both your oral and listening skills.

    2014-11-30 18:36:58 補充:

    others but not other. I type it wrongly

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