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我18歲,冇發生過任何性行為. 我係外國讀書上星期番左黎香港, 上兩次時間分別係9月29號黎,10月27號,,一直都唔會差超過好多日,但今次唔知做咩到而加都未黎, 番黎之後之前個肚隱隱痛左1,2日後黎冇事而加又隱隱痛番,,但遲遲都冇黎,想問洗唔洗睇醫生??

上個月黎完之後作息時間有變過,遲左幾個鐘訓同起身,,上星期番香港開始又比當地時間遲左幾粒鐘訓,,同可能三餐唔定時外其他野基本冇咩變過. 但因為係第一次遲咁多所以好擔心.


計過11月既period expect係24號黎

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  • SC147
    Lv 6
    6 年前

    28 days for 1 cycle is only a rough figure

    (1)It varies for individuals.

    (2)Even for an individual, it does depend very much on various external factors,such as:

    (i)your mood (i.e. whether you are happy, sad, calm, nervous, worried, under stress…..)

    (ii)your diet

    (iii)the kind and amount of exercises you do

    In your case, you’ve definitely encountered a lot of changes these few weeks. You have just completed one stage in your life and you are now back home, much relaxed, I presume. You have left your college and friends abroad. Now, you are starting a new chapter, having a reunion with your family members and meeting old friends, etc. All these must have aroused your emotions. What’s more, you are constrained to change your diet too, now that you are back in HK. A disturbance in the menstruation cycle is nothing but NORMAL!

    Furthermore, your periodical menstruation pain is also a very common phenomenon just before menstruation. It is a signal that menstruation is arriving! So there is NOTHING TO WORRY. Just stay relaxed and don’t think about it.

    Only if it is nearly another month’s “overdue” that you need to do something about it.

    2014-12-01 14:18:06 補充:

    Talk to your female friends /mother to seek for their experiences, you would see 1 wk's delay is just common.

    You can induce menstruation with herbs etc (search from internet : "induce menstruation")

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  • kc
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    冇發生過任何性行為, 個肚隱隱痛......

    我建議你去醫管局轄下嘅普通科門診, 睇下醫生點講先 .


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