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有過幾間 local 大行summer experiences










This sums up my recent thoughts haha

而家有少少諗緊做bar 添..情況是咁的

1. 我報左compulsory bar course

2. 我黎緊christmas可能會跟個judge marshalling

3. 最緊要做bar you are the boss!That kind of feeling好tempting..

(Sorry I'm fed up with my chinese typing..)

Some of you may think that well barristers are now facing more setbacks because of the solicitors' higher right of audience, more ADR mediation etc..

But the fact that you get to manage how much you work, the sort of flexibility that you get being a barrister.. Is just so attractive to me right now

Also, the common view is that being a barrister for the first few years are costly, you don't get to earn much, not to mention recovering all the costs in a year or two! But sometimes I think, hey, we most of the law students have already spent/invested so much money too for tuition right? What hurts paying for 1/2 years more?

Perhaps this is only to me. I'm not really that desperate for a training contract earning hk$40k/ month. I'm more concerned about what I can learn and do for the next few years, and it will make me ten times happier to see myself affecting a long standing CFA judgment (cause there are some really confusing ones right now, such as the Wing Fai case) than to see myself earning handsomely but being 楂乾 like a zombie by the law firm partners.

有否說出any of you guy's心聲?

Any advice (especially 喺 Chamber 喥做嘅師兄師姐)?

I'm currently seekinh a mini pulpilage. Any opportunity would be greatly appreciated!


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    6 年前

    Long story short - being a solicitor is more secure than a barrister.

    1. Pro se representation has been gradually increased in Hong Kong. The demand for legal service (especially litigation) will start diminishing.

    2. A barrister is solely for litigation. However, in reality, many cases do not end up with trial. Many of them in fact are disposed pre-trial.

    3. Although competition among solicitors are high, at the least, solicitors can still compete among others.

    (A barrister is hired through a solicitor. So your income depends on your working relationship with other law firms.)

    The only good thing about a barrister is the job is more interesting than a solicitor.

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